SAY SOMETHING! Workshops for students, teachers and parents

Kids are experts on bullying. Let's help them make it stop.

Peggy Moss, author of Say Something, lives in Toronto Ontario, and is available for workshops throughout North America.

Recent and up-coming Presentations:
May, 2008
Parent meeting, Tawingo College, Huntsville, ON: read the article.

June, 2008
Camp Counselor and Staff Trainings
Onondaga Camp, Minden, ON
Camp Tawingo, Huntsville, ON

November, 2008
Maine School counselor Association, Portland, ME:
Messalonskee Middle Schoool, Oakland, Maine:

January, 2009
Ontario Camping Association Annual Conference, Collingwood, ON

Presentation A: Students, grades 2-4 (45 minutes)*
Peggy Moss will read Say Something and lead a brief discussion of the book, followed by hands-on activities that help students play out and think about the impact of teasing in their school. The emphasis of this program is that words can and do sometimes hurt, and that one child can make a difference.

Presentation B: Students, grades 5-6 (1.5 hours)*
This program will include a discussion of cases and consequences of teasing and bullying in school. We will discuss the book, and talk about some of the steps students can take in their own school to ensure that every student feels safe. A wide range of activities will enable to students to think and talk about bias, prejudice, and teasing, and come up with ideas for making a difference in their school.

Each workshop ideally should have fewer than 35 kids, as larger groups are less effective.

If you would like to hold Say Something Workshops at your school, please click here.

If you would like to reach Peggy Moss directly, you may write to her at

Each of these workshops has 3 goals:

1. To remind students that THEY are the experts.

Every student knows where teasing and bullying happen most: away from adults. Kids see teasing on the bus, in the cafeteria, and out on the playground. Kids are not only are experts on what teasing looks like and feels like, however. They also have the best ideas about how to fix the problem.

2. To reinforce that kids are in the best position to help students feel safe at school and one person can make a big difference.

Every student knows at least one teacher who doesn't put up with teasing and name-calling. These teachers are allies and safe places for kids. "No one would say that in front of Mr. Hampton." But some kids don't realize that THEY can become allies and safe places, too.

3. To get real and have fun talking about tough issues.

A day of presentations at your school may include three Presentation A or two Presentation B workshops. Length of programs can be adjusted to match school schedules.

Bullying expert Peggy Moss presents evening seminar at Tawingo College, The Huntsville Forester, May 21, 2008.


A day of presentations at local schools is $500.00 (rates for long distances to be arranged individually). A day may include three Presentation A or two Presentation B workshops. Times of programs can be adjusted to match school schedules.

Feedback from School Presentations:

Thank you for your truly inspirational presentation at our school. I quoted you in my grade 6 graduation speech. Since our students are going off to 10 different schools in the fall, if they take your words to heart they can go on to create "islands" of caring and safety in new places.

Middle School Principal, Toronto, Canada

Some feedback from sixth grade students:

"Bullying does happen at our school and you made it clear that it is NOT COOL! We will do our best to make bullying stop."

"If you never came, then a lot of people wouldn't change what they do when they see bullying, but now they will stop it. Thank you. So much."

"I see people get picked on all around me. I think I will start standing up for people more."

"Thanks to you, I will know what to do when I am a victim or a bystander. As you asked, I will try to make a difference."