"It's pretty easy to join the cool crowd. All you have to do is ditch your best friend…"

Our Friendship Rules is the Gold Medal winner of Independent Publisher's First Annual Moonbeam Children's Book Awards for the category Picture Book—All Ages

"This is a book any girl can relate to, not just because a friendship breaks apart, but because the girls figure out a way to stay together. It's a great model for what should happen in real life." Maya Brown, age 12

"We all make mistakes. We become better people when we learn from them. I love this story because Peggy Moss and Dee Dee Tardif reject one-dimensional "mean girls." Instead they offer us a real girl who does something she regrets, who recognizes the sadness, loss and hurt she inflicts, and who is granted a great gift – the joy of knowing a friend's forgiveness. This should be a lesson to us all." - Lyn Mikel Brown, co-author of Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers' Schemes, author of Girlfighting: Betrayal and Rejection Among Girls, and Maya's mom.

Reach And Teach, Educating for a Change, says: "One of the greatest treasures we have as children is a really good friend. How many of us have lost that treasure because of a mistake? How many of us have abandoned our treasure simply because something else glittered more brightly, but turned out to be fools gold? This book can help kids learn to hold onto their treasure, avoiding some of the worst pain kids can inflict on each other. We're big believers in healing the world around here, and sometimes you do that one friendship at a time. This is an important book, sure to become a treasure itself."

"As a teacher educator, I've used Peggy Moss' book Say Something to begin important discussions about bullying, teasing and moving beyond being a bystander. Her new book, Our Friendship Rules, will be equally valuable in beginning critical conversations about how children treat one another in schools. Using a book to begin this discussion is a fantastic way to initiate the exploration without making any particular individual student uncomfortable ... because we're talking about a book. But then, of course, personal stories flow forward, and soon we are all engaged in the challenging but vital work of making schools safe for all students. Highly recommended to all teachers, counselors and other youth workers as well as parents who want to talk to their own children about what matters." Mara Sapon-Shevin, educator and author of Widening the Circle: The Power of Inclusive Classrooms (Beacon Press).

"This book helps parents develop a strong, healthy parent-child bond necessary to a child’s development." The Maine Switch.