Our Friendship Rules, written by Peggy Moss and Dee Dee Tardif, illustrated by Alissa Imre Geis.

A little bit about the making of Our Friendship Rules:

Peggy Moss and Dee Dee Tardif starting thinking about this book when Dee Dee was only 12 years old. They wanted to write a story that told the truth: it's hard when friendships go wrong, and sometimes, they do. And also: It's possible to help friendships go right again. They worked on this book for over two years, in three different countries! Tilbury House publishers convinced fantastic illustrator, Alissa Imre Geis, to illustrate the book, and that's when the book started to look the way it does now – full of flare and fun and personality.

We hope you like it!

Friends forever; Children's book stresses the values of true friendship, The Times Record, August 16, 2007.