Peggy Moss is a writer, educator, and former civil rights attorney. Her first book, Say Something, was published in 2004. Peggy lives in Toronto with her husband John and their two daughters and their dog, Zelda.

Dee Dee Tardif is a writer, card player, and hide-and-seek champion. She's in grade nine in Toronto, Ontario.

Alissa Imre Geiss started drawing when she was two. Her imagination fueled by all the books that she read, she drew her way through school filling up the margins of her notebooks with sketches. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she has illustrated several books for children including Winnie at her Best and Neil's Castle, which was her first venture into writing. She is currently living in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts with her husband and son, who faitherfully wear all the hats and scarves she knits for them.